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Hi! My name is Petro Skirchuk and I'm a REALTOR® with Realty Executives Saskatoon. I am originally from Ukraine, and ever since I began planning my immigration to Canada I have been dedicated to studying everything there is to know about Saskatchewan’s real estate market. In fact, my wife and I purchased our first home only 6 months after landing in Canada. We also completed extensive renovations on this home, from which I gained valuable insight into the process of home renovation in Canada. Knowledge that I would be happy to share with all of you. Following this, we then moved on to purchase our first rental property. So if you have any questions or want to hear more about my experience as a landlord, homeowner, and realtor in Saskatoon just give me a call.
Additionally, I have extensive experience in management and business negotiation. Therefore, by collaborating with me you will be guaranteed a realtor who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated to you.
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I look forward to working with you.

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Petro Skirchuk - realtor in Saskatoon
How I can help you
if you are a buyer, a seller or an investor in real estate:
I'm passionate about real estate and I understand you because I was the first home buyer myself. I love to help people navigate the real estate market and assist them with buying exactly what they are looking for.
I understand the concerns you may have when deciding which realtor you want to work with.
One of the advantages of working with me is that I listen to you.
We are all different and everyone has his or her own needs and taste.
My goal IS NOT to sell you a property with the highest price you can afford but to assist you in finding and buying precisely what you need and want.
If you want to talk about your future home purchase - just click on the red button "book an appointment" and I’ll get in touch with you.
Do you want to sell your property? I’m here to help!
I understand that the first question you have is "Why should you consider selling with me?"
The short answer is that I'm going to dedicate 110% of my time and effort to advertise your property to as much potential buyers as possible with modern, successful marketing strategies and obtain favorable conditions and results for you in the smoothest way possible.
So, let’s discuss your property, successful market strategies I recommend to use, and the selling process.
Book an appointment by clicking the red button below on this website and I’ll get in touch with you.
Hello investors,
Purchasing a profitable investment property requires a combination of strategic planning and critical decision making. This is a process in which I have first hand experience as an investor in real estate. Therefore, I have a great deal of knowledge regarding what it takes to find the right property for each individuals needs.
Let's talk and find the right rental property for you!
First questions you might have
There are no stupid questions and I'm always here to guide you and to help you in the world of real estate in Saskatoon. Here are the quick answers to the most frequent questions
How much do I pay for your services?
If you are buying, there is no cost for you for my assistance.
If you are selling, there is a fee. Click on "Book a meeting" button and let's talk about it.
What about the mortgage?
I recommend you to talk to some mortgage brokers and banks to decide what mortgage is better for you.
Of course, I can share contacts of mortgage brokers and banks mortgage specialists I worked with, so you can make the right decision for you.
What property is the best for me to buy?
This is absolutely your own decision but, I can give you important information about pros and cons of different types of properties and we will discuss them together. Click on "Book a meeting" button and let's talk.
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